Monday, February 28, 2005

Octavio Mestre's Office

As usual, I had class from 9-2:30. After that, there was some down time and then around 5:30, most of the group went to Octavio’s (on of our professors) office. It was awesome. He has a tremendous amount of books. He said that between his office and his flat, he has around 18,000 books. I don’t doubt it! It was an awesome facilitiy and he showed us some of his works that had been published in various magazines, etc. It was actually my first time in an architectural firm, and it was a great one to be in. I can’t even really describe it. Pretty much everything was designed by him…right down to the furniture. It was just great. He’s really funny and he had a lot of good advice and information to give us. He said that we are always welcome to come in and read or ask questions and stuff and I know that I am going to take full advantage of that. He even let Dave and I take one of 3 old monitors that he wanted to get rid of. Now, when we work on our projects, we’ll have dual monitors (which is what I’m used to at home), hehe.


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