Friday, February 25, 2005

Macaroni and Cheese, and God Bless America

I forgot to say yesterday that I received care packages from home! I got Macaroni and Cheese (6 boxes!), peanut butter, candy, gum, a pair of shorts (I forgot them), some cookies, more Zest, Office for Mac, and they got me the DVD Shark Tale. That definitely made my week!

Tonight I made the Mac ‘n Cheese and it was delicious! It’s crazy how much I missed that taste. We went out to some bars to hang out and meet people…of course, I didn’t drink. At one of the places we went to an English guy by the name of Paul talked to some of us about his travels to America and stuff and we told him the usual (we’re going to school in Barcelona, etc). Before he had to go, he said that he wanted to share one important thing with us. He said “God Bless America.” He then told us how his girlfriend was suffering from a brain anuerism and he took her to a hospital in California and they were able to make her all better again. He told us that “no matter what we think other people think about us (Americans), there are still a lot of people that love and support America.” That was awesome to hear…definitely made my night.


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