Saturday, February 19, 2005

Frisbee at Park Güell, Tapas, and Italian ice cream

Today the guys went to Park Güell to throw the frisbee. It was great. Unfortunately, we hit some people sometimes, but the funny thing is that a frisbee is the only thing that you can hit someone with and everything is okay. They just pick it up and toss it back.

While we were there, my parents called me and I was able to talk to them for a while. It was good not to have the road noise from outside my apartment and I had a good signal too. It was a beautiful day here, but apparently it wasn’t so nice in San Antonio.

After talking with my parents, we met up with Susana, Viri, and Estela at the park and walked around with them for a while. We hiked up the hill that we had been to the first time we were there so that we could show them the awesome view of the city. The sun was in and out of clouds, but there was this one moment where it peaked through and we could see a beam of light cut across the city. It was awesome.

After that, we all got on the Metro and headed to Passeig de Gracia to find a place to eat tapas. Eating tapas is a Spanish cultural thing and I had yet to do it. It’s basically little finger foods that you eat together at a bar or restaurant. We each ordered some and got some Sangria (another cultural thing). The tapas were delicious and the Sangria tasted great too. I only had a little bit of Sangria, just to get the taste and the experience, but it still made me a little lightheaded. Not too bad though.

Then we headed to an Italian ice cream shop and got some ice cream. That was awesome as well. We had a good time with the girls and when we got on the Metro, we made plans to go out later, but it turned out that we were all too tired to follow through with it. That was fine with me since I had to get up early for church anyway.

Around midnight I received a pleasant surprise. Katy, one of my really good friends, called me and I got to talk to her for a little bit. It was nice to hear another familiar voice from back home...

Later it became time for bed.


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