Monday, February 07, 2005

To Madrid

I got up early, finished packing and then we headed to Plaça Catalunya to meet up with the bus for Madrid. Then we began an 8 hour trip to Madrid.

It was really nice. The Spanish country is really pretty with a lot of hills, mountains, and rock formations. Some parts of the ride reminded me of traveling through the hill country in Texas. I took some pictures every once in a while. We even saw some snow on the ground!

When we finally got to Madrid, we got to see a totally different Spanish city. Madrid is very new compared to Barcelona, and the city grid is a little different. The architecture looked cool right off the bat. I’m going to enjoy the next few days.

It was 2 degrees Celsius when we arrived and it was raining. We unloaded the bus and got our keys and went to our hotel rooms. They are really nice. There’s a TV, so that’s cool too.

After we were inside for about 20 minutes, we decided to head outside and walk around looking for food. We walked down the road to the left and didn’t find anything, so we walked back toward the hotel and went into the mall that’s across the street. It had a food court type area, so we were able to eat. Then people went every which way. I spent some time window shopping and seeing what kinds of prices the stores had for clothes and stuff. After that, I came back to the hotel room and now we’re going to just hang out until it’s time to go to bed. We have to be downstairs by 7:30am to eat and then we’re leaving at 8:30 to start the “field trip.” I can’t wait!


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