Friday, January 28, 2005

Bilingual Presentations

The days are starting to go by a little quicker now that it’s been get up, go to school, come back, eat, go to bed. My photography project was due today. We finished up the bulk of it yesterday, and all that needed to be done today was to get our little booklets bound. There’s a paper place about 2 blocks from the school, and my group was able to get each of our booklets bound for only 0.60 Euros each. Not too bad at all.

I had Spanish in the morning and then we had about 2 hours before the presentations were going to take place. So the place was packed. A&M, Clemson, and Monterrey all trying to get their work displayed on the walls around the building. When 2:30 came around, the presentations and critiquing began. I think 4 hours passed and we had only gone through a few projects from each university. Ours wasn’t one of them. It had already been a long day and we were told that we would present on Monday during a part of our studio class. The presentations were short. The critiquing took the longest. There were I think 4 different profs there to critique. It was quite interesting. Some of the people from Monterrey either couldn’t speak English, or just knew Spanish better, so a lot of the presentations became bilingual or just Spanish since all of the profs were fluent in both languages. Very interesting. I found myself listening to critiques in 100mph Spanish. It was like I was watching Spanish TV. Oh will get better.

So that was my day. I came back to the apartment, cooked dinner, watched some stuff on the computer and went to bed. Some of the guys went out, but sleeping seemed like a better choice for me. I still have yet to see the “night life” of Barcelona... Even though my role will probably just be a spectator, I still wanna see it. Perhaps another day.


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