Saturday, January 22, 2005


Last night turned out to be really fun. Michael Newman’s place was really nice and had a great view of the city. We hung out in his living room for a while, listening to some Spanish music, eating ham, tangerines, some awesome cheese and sausage, drinking wine, and talking. Then we went up to his roof terrace for a little bit and spent some time doing the same stuff while enjoying the city. It was really nice.

I totally slept in this morning. It felt really nice. We’ve now been here for a whole week. And what a week it has been! I’m not sure what we’re going to do today, but I’d like to go do some more sightseeing around the city. We’ll see what happens...

Well, we did just that. We went to a place called Montjuic. It is where the Olympic Stadium, huge Palace, Barcelona Pavilion, and awesome park are located. We walked around and took pictures. It was great. The Barcelona Pavilion (by Meis van der Rohe) wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. We had to learn about it in class, so I had to see it in person. I did. That was it.

After seeing the awesome sights, Ryan and I went to SuperSol to get some more groceries. For like 3 Euros, I was able to get some noodles, sauce, bag of Mandarin oranges, salt, and shredded cheese. It was awesome! I made some of the pasta for dinner and I think that if I were to calculate how much it cost, it would have come out to like 0.20 Euros. Definately not eating out for a while. This is WAY cheaper. Eating out can end up being 10 Euros easily.

Now I’m just relaxing and I think I might get to bed early today...


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