Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Spanish and the Mediterranean

Well I didn’t end up going out...well sort of. Some of the guys went to Plaza Cataluna to go drink, etc, but I wasn’t going to go do that. What I did want to do was walk around a little bit on my own and check out the city. So I set out with a map on hand and started down Escorial away from my apartment. I came to a big road and turned left. I thought, I’ll just keep turning left at major roads and then I should be able to find my way back. That’s what happened, but not as easily as planned. Not all of the roads connect through to the next, so that causes problems. I was in familiar territory though. I would pass by something that I remember we had walked by on previous days. The thing was that I didn’t really remember which direction we had turned on certain roads because I was talking and walking and just following the leader. Anyway, I got my bearings, looked at my map, and found the way back to my apartment. I covered a lot of area and I now know more of the surrounding of where I live. It was still a benficial adventure. If only it hadn’t taken almost 2 hours of straight walking! Now I am going to make a sandwich and go to bed. Yeah, I know that isn’t very healthy, but it just seems like I’m always hungry here. They eat at weird times and it’s just different. My body is still saying “what have you done to me?!?”

In the morning I am going to eat some eggs...

And that’s just what I did. I woke up wide awake again around 6:30am. I listened to music for a little bit, and after a while Ryan woke up and he made himself two eggs while I took a shower. Then when I got out, I did the same. The eggs were different. The only eggs we could buy at SuperSol were the brown eggs. The yolk was more orangish than yellow, so that was different. But they were still eggs, and tasted good with some ham.

After that, it was time to relax. It was already a beautiful day, so I opened the window and just sat around for a little bit. Class wasn’t until 12:30, but I wanted to leave a little early and take my time getting there. When we were going to leave, we went to each of the other guys’ rooms and made sure that they were at least up and moving around since they had been out late last night. Clay ended up coming with Ryan and me and we headed off to the Metro.

We stopped at a stop that is one after the one that we normally stop at because it is a little closer to the school. The thing is, that when we got out from underground, we had no idea where we were. I had learned one thing from a previous experience the day before and that the school is not in the direction of the mountains. So we walked around and found a street and sure enough, it headed toward the mountains. So we turned around and walked in the opposite direction. After much winding and saying “that looks familiar...” we found the street that would eventually take us to the school. Another adventure.

Today we had Spanish class. It was fun. Our prof is really nice and we covered some important stuff. My vocabulary grew some, and I learned a lot. Then we, as a class, went out and walked around the area while our prof showed us different places of interest. We went by the Catedral d


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