Sunday, January 16, 2005

End of "First Weekend"

Today I woke up around 2 after sleeping a good 14 hours straight. I would have slept longer, but I realized that it wouldn’t help me in my switching to this time zone if I slept a full day. So I piddled around for a little bit and then Clay and Scott called me from outside (they yelled up at my window, haha). They were hungry and so was I, so I woke up my roommate, we got ready and then went out in search of food.

We found this Chinese food restaurant not too far from our apartment and we went in. It was weird. For some reason talking to Chinese people in Spanish was very odd to me. And it was worse in that we didn’t know how to say anything really. The menu was in Spanish, so ordering Sweet and Sour Chicken was harder than usual. After browsing the menu and getting help from the staff we found what we wanted: Agridulce pollo...Sweet and Sour Chicken. We had also asked “what was good,” and Clay ordered something that she had said. We also ordered fried rice which was extra, and bottled water. The fried rice was definately different, but really good. It wasn’t the dark rice that I was familiar was fried white rice and it had ham, shrimp, egg, onions, and peas. After a little bit, they brought us the main part. The sweet and sour chicken was different. It came all together, not normal with the sauce on the side. And the chicken wasn’t breaded and fried, but just cooked in with the vegetables and sauce. And the sauce wasn’t the sauce I was familiar with. What Clay had ordered turned out to be really good...and the sweet and sour chicken wasn’t too bad...just different.

After we finished they asked if we wanted desert and coffee and we didn’t want to spend any more so we said no thanks. Then they brought us some tangerines, we ate those, paid, and left. It ended up being about 10 Euros each, but we learned how we could eat there for less. Overall, it was a good, close place for Chinese food.

Then we went back to the apartment, met up with some more of the guys, and went out in search of something to do.
One of the guys, Scott L., was really interested in this Irish Pub he had heard about that spoke English and played NFL and...served alcohol of course. So we went the Dubliner. It turned out to be really cool. I mean, it was a dark, gloomy bar, but at least we ran into some other Americans, and some Europeans that spoke English...and of course American football. The guys all had some beers and we talked and what not for a good while. I’m not much of a drinker, so I didn’t really participate in that part of the fun. After that, we went out in search of food and found a place not too far away. Mike and I shared a pizza and some bread and that was that. Afterward, some of the guys wanted to go back to the Dubliner, but Scott S. and I decided we’d rather head back to the apartment. When I got back, I spent some time putting my stuff away and figured out how to use our stove...somewhat. All I know is that I got some water to boil, so that’s all that matters. Now it’s time to settle in some more and then it’s off to bed...I have orientation at 11am and I gotta get up early to shower and figure out how to get to school.


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