Thursday, January 20, 2005

Park Güell

Well last night the guys got together in Mike and Scott's room and watched a movie. We watched Falling Down on Mike’s laptop. I had never seen that movie before. It was pretty good. Twisted, but good.

Today was quite a day. We had class at 9:30am. It was a lot of walking around, taking pictures for our photography project. It was cool. I got to see a lot more of the city that I hadn’t seen yet. We ended up at La Rambla de Mar, which was basically the port. It was nice to walk along the boardwalk and look back toward the city. Oh yeah, and I totally take back my initial feelings toward my professor, Diego. He’s really cool, and I’m glad to be learning from him. My Grandpa Peña told me before I left to “learn as much as you can, because nobody can take your education from you.” I intend to do just that. And I am in an incredible area for growth.

After class, I came back to the apartment for a much needed ham sandwich (basically all I eat here...the Spaniards love their ham!). Then all of guys took a trip a few blocks from the apartment to Park Guell, an awesome park designed by Antonio Gaudi that’s located on the side of a large hill.

It was a lot of walking and hiking, but we walked through the park and noticed that it kept going up. We spotted the very top of the hill and climbed to the top. Oh man, it was cool to get a 360 degree view of the city! We took some pictures and then sun was starting to set, so we made our way back down. 2 hours well spent, and definately not the last time I’ll be visiting that park. It is a tourist attraction, but it does have some very nice areas to just sit and be at peace or meditate. Good times.

It’s only 7pm, but I think I’m going to take a much needed nap or something. Who knows, I might just stay awake until it’s time to go to bed. Either way, I’m pretty sure something else is going to go on tonight. We don’t have class until 12:30 tomorrow...oh wait, I have Spanish homework! Haha, looks like some of the evening has just been planned for me...


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