Friday, February 11, 2005

Contemporary Museum, Trip Home

I woke up, packed up my stuff, and put it in the room we were supposed to keep our stuff in (since we weren’t leaving Madrid until 3pm). I had told Viri, Estela, and Susana that there were some of us going to a contemporary museum, so I waited for them in the lobby. We were going to go as a whole group (my friends from A&M), but they got too anxious and left. I stuck behind because I had told the girls that we were going to wait for them in the lobby. I didn’t want them to get there and no one be there.

So it turned out that Ryan, Scott L, Viri, Estella, Susana, and I went to a museum. It turns out that we went to a different one than the other group, but it was still fun. We got to see a lot of paintings in person that we had only seen in books before.

Time was begining to fly by and we hadn’t eaten yet and had to be back at a certain time, so we got on the Metro and went back to the mall across from the hotel for food. We ate real fast, ran to the hotel, up to the 5th floor to get our luggage, and then put it on the bus, sat down, and started the journey back to Barcelona. I sat up in the front area with the new girls that I had met and with more of the people of Monterrey. It was a good opportunity to be around a lot of Spanish speakers. Viri and Estela both know English very well, but Susana wants to work on hers more. She knows a lot more English than I know Spanish, so she’s helping me with my Spanish and I’m helping her with her English. We got to watch There’s Something About Mary and Ana and the King in Spanish on the way back. I was surprised at a lot that I could understand in the movie. I mean, I had seen them both before, so I knew the plots, but it was still good practice to watch and listen in Spanish.

We got back to Barcelona around 11pm and there was talk of going out later. I was all up for it since tomorrow is Saturday and I hadn’t really gone out while I was in Madrid, so I was rested. But the plans fell through until tomorrow night. That’ll be fun.


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