Saturday, February 12, 2005

Frisbee and a Cold Swim

When I woke up this morning, I took a shower and then Ryan and I went to SuperSol to get some much needed groceries. After we came back and had a bite to eat, the other guys came down and said that they were going to either go to Park Güell, or to the beach to throw a frisbee around since it was a nice day. And that it wasn’t really that cold at all.

Going to the beach won the plans, so we put on shorts and t-shirts and headed to the Metro to go to the beach. It was funny seeing the looks that people gave us with what we were wearing. I mean it was like 60 something degrees outside...near perfect weather for shorts and people were still bundled up like it was 30.

We got to the beach and threw some frisbees around for a while. Then there was talk of going swimming. Crazy! It’s February. It’s the Mediterranean. We walked by the water in our bare feet and the water was freezing! But that didn’t stop us from being idiots. Clay, Mike, Ryan, and I walked out into the water. Next thing we knew Clay was out swimming (and freezing) further out in the water. So of course the rest of us had to do it too, hehe. The moment the water hit my chest, it was like instant shock. Everything hurt, it was so cold. But then I started moving around a lot and it “wasn’t so bad.” After we couldn’t stand it any longer, and after we had some pictures taken of us, we got out. It was an experience.

On the way back to the Metro, I saw this guy rollerblading that looked like our photography prof, Diego. I had remembered him saying something about liking to rollerblade or something, so I mentioned it to the group. Sure enough, it really looked like him and we called out “Diego!” to see if it was him. It was! Okay, this is starting to get rediculous as far as me running into new people I’ve met in locations I wouldn’t normally see them. We talked to him for a little bit and then went back to the apartment.

My parents had called when I was freezing in the water, so while Ryan was taking a shower, I got them to call me back. I talked to them for a while, which was really nice as always, and then went back inside to take my shower. Now, we’re just sitting around until it’s time to cook some dinner and then it’s off to Viri, Estela, and Susana’s place. We’re going to hang out there for a little while and then go out dancing or something. It should be really fun.


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