Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Today we had to get up early (we usually don’t have class until 1) to get a briefing on the field trip to the Basque country next week. We were told to be there at 9:30am! We showed up on time and the meeting didn’t start until close to 10. It was scheduled early for the Monterrey group or something and they didn’t even show up on time! There were about half of them there at 10. I told Alba about that afterward and she said that if we are scheduled for a meeting that far ahead, she will bring up what happened today. I don’t know what it is (it must be cultural or something), but it even happened on our trip to Madrid. We were told to be in the lobby at a certain time each morning and the Americans were always on time and the Mexicans just showed up whenever they felt like it (as bad as it sounds to classify by country, but that’s exactly how it was). So, by the end of that trip, the tour guides told them to show up 30 minutes before the time that they told us…it was that bad.

The meeting was like 15 minutes long, so we had a lot of time to kill (time that could have been better used sleeping in). I helped one of the girls in our group get her computer fixed (it had spyware, adware, and a virus…) and then we had class. For some reason, I was VERY tired in class. I was struggling to stay awake. It didn’t help that the lights were off, we were looking at slides, and our prof was kind of monotonous.

When I got back to the apartment, I took a long nap. When I woke up, it was dark. I then made some food and hung out with Mike, Scott S., Ryan, and Dave for a little bit. Now, I’m working on some stuff for our project because we are going to “present” what we have so far to Miguel Roldan tomorrow morning. That’s my night.


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